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Easiform Frami Formwork
Frami Formwork - Examples of Use

Easiform Frami Formwork is a man handleable formwork system that is perfect for foundations, bases and walls. The system has a robust galvanized frame and has a safe working load of 50kN/M² Easiform Frami Formwork is versatile and flexible, so you can quickly form any layout with it. The panels can be fixed together at any point around the frame, quickly and safely, using the Frami clamp. The panels are 1200 and 1500 high with a range of fractional widths to form any length of shutter required. Easiform Frami Formwork also takes corners, stop-ends and wall junctions happily in its stride giving the user a perfect, costsaving solution. A range of accessories complete the system providing access platforms, plumbing and stop end details

Various applications that Frami Formwork can be utilised for.

Block Foundation

Any block size can easily be accommodated using Universal Corner Panels and, if necessary, timber inserts. The shutter can either be tied with 15mm through ties or supported externally with walers and props.

Strip Footings

The Frami Panels can be used vertically or horizontally. There a number of tie options, including flat top ties and a unique foundation assembly which is suited to kickerless construction.

Double Sided

Any desired height and length of structure can be quickly constructed using the appropriate combination of panels. Where timber inserts are required these are held firmly in place by the Frami Adjustable Clamp. Panel joints require a maximum of 2 Frami Clamps to securely hold and align the system.

Single Sided

Using a system of lightweight soldiers and props in combination with a unique holding down bracket, we can cater for single sided applications up to 3.6m high. This system is far quicker to erect than a traditional Steel Soldier shutter and greatly reduces the cost of anchoring the shutter. (Larger single sided solutions utilising steel soldiers are also available)

Column Formwork

Frami Universal Panels are ideally suited to forming columns. Tie holes spaced at 50mm increments on the back of the 750mm wide panel allow any column cross section up to 650mm x 650mm to be constructed. A maximum of 80kN/m2 of concrete pressure is allowed when the system is used in this way.

Shows various applications that formwork can be utilised for.


Frami Panels

  • Torsion proof hollow steel frame
  • Hot dip galvanised for durability
  • Clamps fit anywhere on panel
  • Built in carrying handles
  • Quality 15mm coated plywood face

Frami Clamp


  • Lightweight
  • Secured by hammer blow
  • Joins and aligns panels
  • No loseable parts
  • Not sensitive to dirt

Super Plate


  • Combined circular plate and spinner
  • Easily identifi able
  • Harder to lose than individual components
  • 120mm diameter provides built in safety


Aligning Clamp


  • Stiffens panel connections
  • Enables lifting of multiple panel assembly
  • Simple wedge connection
  • Not sensitive to dirt


Universal Fixing Bolt


Positive connection to frame holes

Hand placed

Multiple applications

15mm Tie Rod compatible (with connector)

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